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GSMP Homepage ImageWe’re excited to invite you to Grow & Sell More Philanthropically, our little corner of the internet where we’re celebrating the nonprofit work happening throughout the great city of St. Louis.

Sharing the Work of Nonprofits in St. Louis

Nonprofits exist for one overarching reason: to help the people in their community — not make money off of them.

Because of this, nonprofits aren’t paid for by big-interest stockholders; they aren’t owned or controlled by executives with deep pockets. But while many nonprofits lack the budgets to get their names out in the public eye, these unique groups are more prone to being genuinely honest, kind-hearted institutions.

They are empowered by the community they contribute to, and they need your continued support in order to survive.

That’s why we’re here. Our mission is to highlight the best of STL’s philanthropic ventures while providing an online community designed to cultivate the growth and distribution of nonprofits across the St. Louis metro area and beyond.

We are GSMP. Thank you for joining us.


ATTN: If you work for or know of a nonprofit in St. Louis whose efforts deserve to be revered, we want to know! Submit your recommendation here so that your favorite philanthropic endeavor can be featured in future GSMP content. Thank you for keeping these selfless organizations (and us) alive.