St. Louis BWorks

BWorks Closes in on 30 Years of Nonprofit Service

St. Louis BWorks

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What does it mean to donate time, energy and resources to a community for nearly 30 years? For this local nonprofit that has been around the proverbial block a few times, their continued presence in St. Louis shows that BWorks have true staying power.

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Who is BWorks?

After nearly 30 years of business, chances are you’ve heard this group’s name pop up at some point throughout your nonprofit excursions throughout St. Louis. If not, here is what you need to know…

According to BWorks’ website, the organization “inspires youth to pursue their dreams, care for the world around them, and explore new possibilities through experiential learning.” BWorks achieves this mission by adhering to five core values:


  • Community: St. Louis thrives on diverse neighborhoods of cultures, backgrounds and beliefs. Catering to anyone and everyone, BWorks fosters empathy, friendship and personal investment in one another’s welfare.
  • Sustainability: The future can only be guaranteed by the steps that are taken today. BWorks’ initiatives are carried out each day with the upcoming generations and the perseverance of our planet in mind.
  • Literacy: Recognizing that knowledge is a powerful tool to have, BWorks actively helps children and teens develop skills that will benefit them throughout their entire lives.
  • Service: As a nonprofit, BWorks understand that incredible things can happen when a group of people unite to complete a common goal. As a result, BWorks welcomes any degree of volunteers and donations to strengthen the St. Louis region and its people.
  • Enjoyment: Frequently associated with fun, excitement and even a sense of magic, BWorks seeks to delight and enrich the lives of young people and everyone involved in the organization.


Support BWorks in Their Mission

To learn more about BWorks’ mission and various programs, visit their official website at

If you are interested in contributing to BWorks’ efforts, you are invited to make a donation to any of the options outlined here. And since all donations are 100% tax deductible, the advantages to joining this great cause are two-fold!

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